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2015 Beijing ISH HVAC Exhibition,Luckingstar carry core products to open saving feast.

Published :2015-05-22 By: Luckingstar

May 13th ,2015,2015 China(Beijing) ISH HVAC Exhibition grand opening in beijing china international exhibition center(New building). As the air-source heat pump products continued to take the heat, ISH HVAC exhibition specially set up the heat pump exhibition ,National Excellent Enterprise of air source heat pump to show the latest and most cutting-edge products and technologies that can be described as flourishing, leading the trend, Luckingstar is one of them. 

Guangdong LuckingStar New Energy CO.,LTD (Brand: Luckingstar) carry the latest and most complete air source heat pump products debut ISH HVAC Exhibition.Luckingstar series air source heat pump products industry's first comprehensive use of ultra-technical skills, for the come to observe of exhibitors and friends staged a saving feast.



As air to water + heating + drying expert, Luckingstar set up a hot water product display area, heating product display area and drying product display area.
It is reported that Luckingstar has been developed and put into production of heat pump products have more than 30 series over 500 models, and in this ISH HVAC exhibition debut only partially representative products.

Luckingstar ad hoc heating product display area, live demonstration can be heating, hot water, air-conditioning function and efficient integration of a heat pump system.It is understood that Luckingstar heating heat pump unit the leader in intelligent double defrosting technology ensures the application of heating energy efficiency up to 300% in cold climates, so that in winter the northern cold regions, heating no worries, is the home heating, commercial heating the best choice.



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