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2016 Science and technology Innovation Competition

Published :2016-06-03 By: Luckingstar

The Science and technology innovation Competition which was organized by the economic and Trade Bureau and Science and Technology Bureau of Dongguan City was hold on June 3, 2016. The Lucking Star as one of the excellent representatives of the high technology enterprise was invited to attend the competition. We showed our latest innovation achievement and patent. 


Science and technology innovation Competition Scene

The experts explained 2016 high-tech enterprises identified policies and process, attention matters as well as the high and new technology enterprise tax relief policies etc., and the provincial and municipal innovation competition arrangements including game rule,process and support policies etc.


Science and technology innovation Competition Scene

The municipal government on the innovation and entrepreneurship competition is very seriously, meanwhile will give financial incentives and honor publicity for the leading technology companies, especially with strong R & D technology companies. The Lucking Star devoted themselves to scientific and technological research and development for many years, had always insisted on technology-oriented, quality-oriented as tenet, invested a great deal capital on product development,  made breakthrough progress. We has been awarded innovation technology competition prize for three years.


The expert was explaining the details of competition


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