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Luckingstar heat pump drying technology lead to a revolution in drying industry

Published :2015-08-25 By: Luckingstar

As for the leading brand of heat pump dryer,the professional Luckingstar produced a series of qulified heat pump driers,  including the monobloc cycle heating heat pump dryer, the monobloc direct heating heat pump dryer, split-type cycle heating heat pump dryer, split  direct heating heat pump dryer, hig temperature heat pump dryer, monobloc drying room,high temp. cycle heating heat pump water heater,high heating heat pump water heater,air source heat pump for breeding etc;The heat pump dryer can be widely used in the agricultural drying field such as tobacco, tea, dry goods, Chinese herbal drying etc and industrial drying field such as furniture, paint, fireworks, leather, slaughtering, electroplating, printing etc. Flow,vegetables, fruit etc planting in Greenhouse.Fish,shrimp,turtle,snake etc constant temp.breeding.

Luckingstar’s professional heat pump dryers have complete function, can provide hot water of more than 80 , low operating costs,economical, with the core patents - super energy-saving patent technology,set a new good example in heat pump industry.


One : How air source heat pump dryer come 

Drying is one essential processing step in Industrial and agricultural production . With the improvement of people's life quality, the environmental awareness is growing enhanced.Eeven with the reserves depletion of non-renewable energy sources (such as natural gas, coal, oil) , Recently yeears ,original fuel, coal, high energy consumption, high pollution drying equipment severely limited or even banned,thus an alternative energy saving and eco-friendly drying equipment is a impending , in this conditions , heat pump drying equipment came into being.

Two : Heat pump dryer history

Since the beginning of the 1960s, developed countries such as UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, United States etc has begin to develop heat pump drying technology. China introduced this technology in1990s, the first and most widely used field is wood drying. Because of the heat pump drying temperature is moderate and very similar to natural drying, in recent years it was gradually   used in food and agricultural drying, obtained the outstanding economic benefits, including increased drying product added value.

With the governmental advocation of energy conservation and environmental protection as well as vary environmental protection policies implementation, which greatly promote the development of heat pump drying technology, heat pump drying range became diversified, expanded from the early wood drying to meat products, aquatic products, wood, herbs, fruit, sausage, incense, stainless steel, tea drying applications, ceramics, rubber tires, insulation materials, corn seedlings, flour, noodles, and other industries, has accumulated a wealth of valuable experience.

Three : Heat pump is one system which can convert low potential heat source (natual lower temp. air ,water ,geothermal or other low-potential heat inside soil et ) to high potential heat source by working. There are air source, water source and geothermal source according to heat source.

Heat pump is one system which can convert low potential heat source (natual lower temp. air ,water ,geothermal or other low-potential heat inside soil et ) to high potential heat source by working. There are air source, water source and geothermal source according to heat source.

High temp.air source heat pump dryer is based inverse cano principle,compressor change the refrigerant mode from gas to liquid and inversel inside closed loop. Evaporator continue absorbing heat from air ,and condenser continue sending heat into drying room.Air temperature keeping increased inside drying room, water inside drying material keeping absorbed ,and discharged outside drying room,thus drying material become continuous drying.The electricity consumed during this process just keep refrigerant cycling,therefore little energy output obtain more energy ,then enegy saved.

Four: Cost comparision between heat pump dryer and other type of dryers.

1. High efficiency energy saving, lower running cost.



Norminal heat value

Heat efficiency

Real heat value

Heat consumed

Electric dryer



817 Kcal/Kwh


Coal boiler dryer

7000 Kcal/Kwh


1750 Kcal/kg


Fuel boiler dryer





Heat pump dryer

860 Kcal/Kwh


2580 Kcal/Kwh




Real nergy consumed

Energy cost

Runig cost

Electric dryer



RMB0.8/  /Kwh


Coal boiler dryer





Fuel boiler dryer





Heat pump dryer



RMB0.8/ Kwh



From the above data, we can find that the runing cost of heat pump dryer is only 30% of electic dryer ,40% of fuel boier dryer,60% of coal boiler dryer, moreover heat pump dryer don’t consume any fuel, no transportation cost and storage cost, significant economy advantage. 

2. No pollution to environment 

Heat pump dryer  only transfer vast heat to drying room during drying process, the consumed energy is used for tranfering heat, no need consume other fuel ,so there is no waste produced therefore no any pollution to environment.

3.  Good drying effect

Heat pump drying is automatically controlled by intelligent controlling system ,can automatically adjust heat pump working according set mode,fast temperature increasing,average temperature inside drying room,very tiny temperature difference ,thus avoid the human factor effect to drying material quality during drying process. 

4.  Heat pump drying technology prospect

Material drying is long and vast energy consuming process,partal drying process will effect the color, nutrient,taste , texture and tissue. Heat pump drying technology has the advantage of lower ernegy sonsuming, no evironment pollution ,good drying effect, scale operation. It has unshakable advantage of decreasing energy consuming and increasing drying material quality, now is on the way of increasing drying temperature,developing new type heat pump dryer and etc, new high temperature, low energy consuming heat pump drying technology will lead to a revolution in drying industry.



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