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Eight leading technology Luckingstar open heat pump hot water saving life

Published :2015-06-02 By: Luckingstar

First,let us first understand consumer demand for water heaters, when consumers choose, what is the most concerned about?

Security: Hope stable performance, the brand produced, quality assurance, guarantee the personal safety of users.
Price: Hope affordable, be able to buy inexpensive products.
Comfort: Hope the water temperature constant, solve the water heater hot and cold conditions.
Climate: Hope to avoid the peak of the winter caused the water temperature is too high and the water flow too small phenomenon.
Environmental protection: hope to avoid greenhouse gas emissions, and do not damage the ozone layer.


八大领先技术 普瑞思顿开启热泵热水节能生活

Super energy-saving technology
Original super energy-saving technology, the hot water temperature according to the ambient temperature is regulated by the intelligent modules, to meet the water needs of the user's premise, to maximize the energy efficiency. More than ordinary air to water heater saving more than 12%, the machine run more stable and longer life.
Quasi-conversion technology
Listed companies use multi-speed fan, the fan automatically switches according to the ambient temperature and the status of the machine running speed, to ensure the best effect evaporation, the unit run more stable and efficient.
Intelligent Multi-defrost technology
The unit uses four-way valve switches and two-stage condensing heat hot gas bypass, such as multiple technologies to reduce the frequency of frosting, frost increase speed.
Control Module
Single wired remote can control multiple units, compressor random delivery times start and stop, avoid multiple units simultaneously start or stop the impact on power, the unit operation time is more balanced.
Unique and highly efficient evaporation technology
Within the evaporator using a flat sheet of corrugated outer design, a larger, more energy-efficient; aluminum foil nanotechnology hydrophilic layer, booties easy attachment, corrosion resistance, high heat transfer efficiency.
Efficient heat transfer technology
The use of advanced technology industry coaxial heat, increase the heat transfer area, improve the refrigerant and water convection velocity, thus increasing the heat transfer. Leading intelligent control technology
Leading intelligent control technology
Precision intelligent digital control technology, with fault warning, automatic reset function, automatic operation after the memory unit, protection and fault contacts. Optional remote monitoring system, process monitoring and troubleshooting unmanned machine function.
First frost water treatment technology
The industry's first frost water treatment technology to solve the general climate models at a low temperature evaporator defrost water accumulation icing problems, to ensure reliable plant operation.
Technology to promote human society entered the era of civilization, civilization continue to lead the development of technological change. Sustained rapid economic development, increasing product upgrading of the moment, we have the technical means have permanent driving force for development, for air source heat pump is especially true brand. Pu Ruisi Dayton leading technical innovation and design features, never stop the pursuit of science and technology, and create a safer, more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly experience.



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