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Dealer aftermarket training session

Published :2015-05-22 By: Luckingstar

May 20th, Rising in Guangdong LuckingStar New Energy CO.,LTD Headquarters conducted a three-day Luckingstar aftermarket training session.Luckingstar organization will participate in this  training dozens of dealers  depth internal workshop visit, study, exercise, so that they learn from the source heat pumps, understand Luckingstar , lay the foundation for the next training.

At present, heat pump industry realize that heat pump industry development is inseparable from the dealer, but outstanding dealers rely on companies to cultivate out.

In addition, Luckingstar by professional and technical personnel to guide dealer in the production line field exercise, from a plurality of link parts, domestic heat pump, commercial heat pump, water tanks explain one by one, from the theoretical knowledge into field exercise.

Figure 1: Dealer visit Luckingstar commercial heat pump production workshop

Figure 2: Luckingstar technician for dealers to explain

Figure 3: Dealer visit Luckingstar domestic heat pump production workshop

Figure 4: The distributor listen to explain by the technical staff carefully

Figure 5: Dealers are cracking the mystery of the inner tank 



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