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China marketing summary conference of the first half year 2016

Published :2016-06-15 By: Luckingstar

We held China marketing summary conference of the first half year in June 7-11,2016. 

President Mr. Luo, Vice General Manager Mr. Lei, Sales Director of China market Mr.Li, Technology Director Mr.Zhang attended the conference.

▲Conference Scene

▲Mr. Li Presided over the conference

Mr. Luo gave full affirmation for marketing team, sales channels development and sales amount and high hopes for the second half of the year to reach new heights.

▲Vice General Manager Mr. Lei

▲Area Sales Manager 

Communication, Share, Summary, Traning. Grow up together! 

▲Excelent area Sales Manager 

The excellent sales manager was sharing their experience.

▲Technology Director Mr.Zhang

▲Area Sales Manager

▲Area Sales Manager


▲Area Sales Manager

The conference lasted 2 days. It include experience share, marketing skills, product training, installation and after sales,bidding documents,solution design,dryer application etc.

Every sales manager have full confidence to achieve excellent achievement for the second half year of 2016.  



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