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Leading innovation in heat pump industry, Luckingstar always focus on heat pump technology.

Published :2015-09-26 By: Luckingstar

Air-source heatpump industry has been developing nearly 10years in China, with continuous innovation and the reference to mature manufacture industry ,it has been further improved  in technique, scale,, equipment, industry chain and management etc.,  and gradually established a complete industrial chain system therefore lay a solid foundation for it’s wider application.


In recent years, in air source heat pump industry,many brands, leding by Luckingstar increased technical inputs,to develop new products, leading the air source heat pump technology moving forward. As a professional heatpump manufacturer, Luckingstar has been unswervingly persist in  independent innovation, implement  patent strategy even set up a corporate technology R&D Center, keep increasing investment in R&D of the new technologies and new products,meanwhile lay stress on the building of professional technical team ,moreover cooperate with the authoritive  technical development institute to achive cutting-edge heat pump technology.

Till now,Luckingstar has owned almost hundeeds national patent of heat pumps and related fields, these patented has been widly used in hot water, heating, drying etc field, resulting in huge economic and socialbenefits, already created huge economic and social benefits.

Luckinstar’s existing products have covered domestic hot water, heating and dring industry, more than 30 series , 500 models heat pump for choice. Luckinstar own 37 national patents and dozens of of proprietary technology coving invention patents, utility patents, design patents, and so on. Such as “air source heat pump super energy saving mode” “auto defrosting , frost-peventing heat pump”,”dual heat source heating/cooling water system” “air source heating/cooling system” “ heat pump system using high temp hot water source “ these technologies are all come from Luckingstar air source heat pump R&D center. With these patents and new technology ,Luckingstar become the heat pump industry leader and achieve unique advantage in heat pump marketing and sales, and succeed in fierce market competition.



It is well known that patents are an important part of intellectual property, but also one of the important symbols to measure an enterprise independent innovation ability. As the air source heat pump industry leading brands, Luckinstar attache great importance to R&D of new products, new processes, and invest a lot of money each year to do so. In order to reach higher levl of scientific research,Luckingstar spend vast of money to establish   national standard laboratory, including  the enthalpy difference lab testing heat pump comprehensive performance and pressure tank test laboratory  which provide an incomparable advantages . Because of  the highlighted scientific research achievements, Luckingstar has now become one of the state high-tech cooperates and the enterprise innovation  industrialization demonstration base in Dongguan,China.

For many years, Luckingstar has achieve great success in heat pump technology ,super-high temperature heat pump came out quietly , Sino-Australian heat pump technology cooperation in implementation, global first super energy-saving technology  , heating and drying equipmentand innovative applications, all these indicate Luckingstar have been at the forefront of heat pump technology. Luckinstar  will keep leading the technology creation and development of  heat pump industry. 



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