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Wechat friend cycle is overwhelmed by Luckingstar’ “energy magic cube ” heat pump

Published :2015-08-07 By: Luckingstar

“刷爆朋友圈的产品” 普瑞思顿能量魔方

With high energy consumption, high pollution products gradually withdraw from the stage of history, air source heat pump heating is becoming a new trend. Air source heat pump can absorb air heat with only small percent of electricity ,thus reach the goal of floor heating even in severe cold winter with high cop ,now days it is the best energy saving and eco-friendly heating sulotion. Luckingstar the air source heating expert promoted high end heat pump for heating to making a comfortable and warm winter.  

Luckingstar “energy magic cube” series of heating heat pumps has significant advantage, its average cop can above 4.5, the lowest cop can above 3.0 even at ambient temp.of 0℃.Save more than half electricity consuming. “Energy magic cube”not only provide heating ,cooling but also can provide domestic hot water at the same time,one unit, three function ,very convenient, and save space .Luckingstar adopt it’s unique super energy saving technology in this series of heat pump,can save more energy than normal heat pump, it the ideal choice of home use. Additionally, this series heat pump also has other advantages such as using brand specialized compressor, high efficiency heat exchanger to make sure of higher cop. Using unique dual defrosting technology to solve the problme of air source heat pump is difficult in defrosting . Using intellectual controlling system which can adjust air flow volume , to defrost timely and fastly evaporae the water without residual, then heat pump can always work with high efficiency even in severe cold winter.
As the outstanding brand of air source heat pump, Luckingstar’s “ Energy magic cube” has made remarkable achievement in heating market, there are many successful heating projects of villas,supermarket, hotel heating located in Chinese northern , north west area. 


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