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  • registered capital reached 85,000,000 RMB
  • National dealer wealth summit and new product conference in Mar.2016
  • attened MCE of Milan international heaing and cooling fair in Mar.2016
  • attended ISK-Sodex of Istanbul internation heating and cooling fair in May 2016
  • exported more than 45 countries and regons


  • Obtained leading brand of heat pump industry of China
  • signed cooperation agreement of test platform with Guangdong Industry University, builded hi-tech product conversion base with Guangdong Chemical industry College
  • obtained hot water/floor heating construction certificate from European heat pump Council in Nov. 2015
  • obtained excellent heat pump brand of China energy conservation association
  • Industrial and agricultural application of heat pump to win more market
  • Floor heating heat pump gained excellent achievement facing special cold wave of North China
  • attended ISH-CIHE fair of Beijing


  • Obtained top 10 heat pump brand of China
  • the low temperature EVI heat pump got great achievement in north and west area of China.
  • enlarged heat pump application


  • obtained national high-technology enterprise
  • passed ISO14001 certificate
  • obtained innovation industry base of Donguan city
  • obtained best heating equipment supplier
  • obtained best commercial heat pump brand of China


  • changed to Guangdong LuckingStar New Energy Co.,Ltd.
  • obtained first batch national promotional brand of energy-saving products (total 31 companies in China, only one in Dongguan city)
  • Signed Cooperation aggrement with Guangdong Industry University and Guangdong chemical industry college, developed low temperature heat pump, heat pump dryer, module heat pump and long-distance control system.
  • attended Inter solar fair of Germany, promoted market share and popularity in EU.
  • obtained best Low temperature EVI heat pump brand and top 10 heat pump brand of China.
  • The low temperature EVI heat pump got into Xinjiang, Ningxia,Shanxi,Xizang province etc.


  • Enlaeged factory and moved to Jiu qu industrial area
  • moved to new factory, built new Lab, sample workshop, water tank workshop, training workshop,developed high temperature heat pump, floor heating heat pump.
  • promote capacity to 60,000 for domestic heat pump and 40,000 pcs for commercial heat pump one year.
  • passed national examination and got industry product manufacturer licence.
  • Obtained top ten heat pump brand of China, and excellent private science and technology enterprise of Guangdong Province.


  • started high-end brand strategy, registered “LuckingStar” brand
  • invited Dr. Graese as chief technology consultant
  • developed direct heating heat pump, multi-functional heat pump and swimming pool heat pump
  • started high-end brand strategy, registered “LuckingStar” brand
  • Obtained excellent private science and technology enterprise of Dongguan city


  • cooperation with university and scientific research institution to develop more new heat pump, got more patent technology
  • cooperation with tianjin university and Guangdong scientific research institution
  • adopt digital throttle control technology to develop water to water heat pump, solar and water source heat pump, doubel source heat pump.
  • Developed intelligent double defrost technology and got the national patent.


  • passed ISO9001 and 3C and CE certificate
  • Enlarge production increase R&D invetment, developed commercial heat pump (cycle heating), commercial heat pump (direct heating), multi-functional heat pump, swimming pool heat pump and all in one heat pump etc.
  • passed ISO9001 and 3C and CE certificate


  • set up heat pump R&D center and build performance test Laboratory
  • signed technology cooperation aggrement with Tiane Group and shared the heat pump technology.
  • set up heat pump R&D center and build performance test Laboratory
  • The first heat pump manufacturer to adopt "fully automatic multi-stage motor adjustment " technology.


  • company found
  • The new company found and established “ technology-oriented, quality-oriented” as core ideology.
  • We organized new R&D team to research, produce and sell “LKS” brand domestic and commercial heat pump.