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The correct open way for Luckingstar air source heat pump

Published :2015-06-22 By: Luckingstar


How quickly understand a business? Open official website, click on "About Us" column, a business development process unreservedly show in front of you. Writing "About Us", it is in fact carding business, so that people understand:what we are doing, we want others to think what we are.

"About Us", meaning that allows users to you and your products have a reasonable expectation and understanding, so that team members and you work together with clear objectives and firm confidence that potential investors and prospects for the development of your grasp return on investment. In short, the "about us" mean business correct open way.
Let's sort the correct open way of Luckingstar.
In 2005, the formation of product development team, started research and development of residential and commercial heat pump water heater (unit).
In 2006, the establishment of the new company, to establish "technology is the root, quality as our base" company's core philosophy, development, production and marketing of heat pump products.

In 2007, the establishment of "heat pump product research and development centers" and the establishment of the heat pump performance test lab, with military enterprises - Hefei Swan Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., signed a technical cooperation agreement the two sides shared heat pump technology platform to become the first use of "multi-level automatic adjustment fan speed "technology heat pump manufacturer.

In 2008, to expand the scale of production and increase investment in research, we have developed a commercial cycle thermal heat pump, commercial direct thermal heat pump, commercial multi-functional heat pump、air-conditioning heat pump, swimming pool heat pump and household integral heat pump seven series. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, 3C products through national certification and a strong European Union CE certification.

In 2009, establish research cooperation with Tianjin University and the Guangdong Academy of Sciences Institute of Thermal Automation Center, significantly enhance product development capabilities. The successful development of the cycle / direct thermal water source heat pump water heaters, solar hot water water source heat pump water heaters and dual-source heat pump water heaters, and first proposed and developed intelligent dual defrost technology, made a number of national patents.

In 2010, we hired University of Melbourne, Australia,Dr. Grace Ellis as chief technical adviser, has developed a domestic direct thermal heat pump water heaters, domestic air conditioning heat pump water heater 、 domestic swimming pool heat pump. The company launched the high-end brand strategy, registered “Luckingstar” brand. Product exports that year topped 1 million yuan, and received the title of private technology enterprises in Dongguan City.

In 2011, the move to a new plant, enthalpy difference laboratory construction of large heat pumps, new product trial workshop, holding tanks workshops, skills training workshops and training centers, has developed a high-temperature heat pump water heaters, floor heating heat pump. Acceptance by country review, the national industrial production permit, the same year by industry judges, "China's top ten brands of air to" Guangdong Province and private technology enterprises title.

In 2012, the company upgraded to the Guangdong Luckingstar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with the experimental platform of Guangdong University of energy laboratories, Guangdong Petrochemical College to build a high-tech products into the base, the successful development of low-temperature heat pump water heaters, heat pump drying unit, modular heat pump water heaters and heat pump remote control system; successful participation in energy-saving products exhibition in Munich, Germany, greatly enhance the product in the EU market share and brand awareness; low temperature heat pump water heater was named the industry's best brands, Luckingstar was named China's top ten air to water heater industry competitive brands. 

In 2014, Luckingstar commercial heat pump market continued satisfactory performance, won more than ten consecutive large-scale projects, such as Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 400T hot water projects、Jilin University 350T hot water projects and Jiangxi Normal University and other large-scale hot water project . In addition, Luckingstar with good product quality, stable performance successfully entered the Beijing "coal to electricity" project, and the implementation of pilot village for the Beijing installed nearly ten thousand square meters of new rural heating projects.

In 2015, the production capacity to an annual output of 100,000 sets of household machines, annual output of 40,000 sets commercial heat pump and annual output of 120,000 sets pressure tank. 



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