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Beijing “reduce even abandon coal,clear the air”plan in action, Luckingstar take part in .

Published :2015-06-26 By: Luckingstar

In recent decades, Beijing city continuously take measures to treat air pollution. The main pollutant concentration is decreasing year by year,but the pollutant discharge volume is still exceed the environmental capacity. There is still big difference between the new national standard /public expectation and real air quality. The air pollution is complex , the pollutant percent of city normal running and citizen daily life is getting bigger and bigger , the air pollution treatment situation is very serious. Therefore the plan of “reduce even abandon coal,clear the air” was born I 2013.

After making some Remarkable Achievements, Beijing New Energy and renewable energy association published (The second lot of recommendedmanufacturers list of Beijing 2015 ““reduce even abandon coal,clear the air”plan,indicated the action is upgrading . A lot of heat pump enterprises with sense of social responsibility and comprehensive stength listed . Their real action indicated the importance role they played in improving air quality. As one of these enterprises ,Luckingstar was highly appreciated and affirmed by Beijing New Energy and renewable energy association ,Tianjin refrigeration association, Hebei floor heating association etc .

Reduce even abandon coal,clear the air, Beijing is in action, Luckingstar is also in action. Luckingstar is leading the way , fastly layout the northern heating market and succeedly in obtaining some market share.It’s understood that Luckingstar insisting on self creation ,studied advance heat pump technology , and own many patents, made great achievements in low temp heat pump field. Luckingstar unique EVI super low temperature heat pump adopt EVI enhanced vapor injection technology, this heat pump is suitable for northern cold area, can normally provide heating at -25c ambient temperature and with COP above 2.0. Keep good COP and stability. In 2013, Luckingstar successfully get the heating project of Beijing Changping district covering more than 10,000.0 square meters depended on qualified products and professional installation experience and luckingstar heating heat pump also successfully into the recommended heat pump brand list by Beijing “coal to electricity” project, Luckingstar’s Changping district project was made an example. 

Therefore, Luckingstar showed it’s support to Beijing “reduce even abandon coal,clear the air”plan by it’s greatest achievement . In future market plan, Luckingstar will spend more to improve technology and promote more heat pumps for nortern areas. Carrying out the concept of “energy saving, low carbon and emission reduction”.  



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