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Luckingstar air source heat pump open "super energy-saving mode"

Published :2015-06-22 By: Luckingstar

When energy conservation, low-carbon green lifestyle a popular consensus, when the "comfort", "energy" has become synonymous with the air to water heaters, mankind yearns vision of comfortable home life and a new level. Developed from gas water heaters, electric water heaters, solar water heaters to today's high-tech environment-friendly energy-saving air heat pump water heaters, heat pumps absorb energy from the air, the "green energy, security, environmental protection," the characteristics to achieve the upgrading of traditional energy-consuming products.

Luckingstar air source heat pump with simple technical innovation and design features for a comfortable home life fully open "super energy-saving mode" in the meet user demand for water, the use of advanced control technology will play to the limit of energy efficiency, creating a more energy-efficient than a conventional heat pump water heater 12 percent of ultra-energy saving operation mode.


Compared with common electric water heaters, air heaters Luckingstar with real data to show what is the real low-carbon energy products: Energy consumption per 1 degree, air heaters can get 4 times more heat energy efficiency as high 400%; with a five daily computing life with hot water, air to water heater a 2P of the year than electric water heaters save energy up to 2000 kWh.Luckingstar air industry's first "super energy-saving mode" in the quality, configuration, and performance put forward higher requirements, but also to human life really comfortable and energy from ideal to reality.

It is because of these technologies in the use of the product, so that Luckingstar products become the industry-leading technology and cost leader: The patented "super energy-saving mode", so that Luckingstar brand than ordinary air more energy-efficient water heater is also more than 12%; all products using high-performance design, intelligent defrosting system, enhance these technologies to ensure that the product has a good performance; in addition, the research team also defrost, defrost, defrost water treatment aspects, developed a patented intelligent defrosting system, upon sensing unit capable of coming frost, early intervention and start defrosting dual system. With high quality products and with long-term accumulation in technology research and development, Luckingstar air to water heater in the consumer market was strong stance, has customers blitz.



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