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The self-cultivationof a heat pump practitioner full of passion

Published :2015-07-03 By: Luckingstar


Energy saving,low carbon, environmental is everlasting theme of modern development. China as the most potential economy is facing the serious challenge of energy crisis because of the vast energy consumption in the past decades. To save energy and release continious development, the state and government list environmental industry to be strategic energying industres and promote  a series of supporting policies and developing measures, hoping to carry out the energy saving and emission reduction to the end. 

Air source heat pump is widly used in many industries because of it’s advantage of high efficiency and energy saving, low carbon and environmental, safe and stable , is the fast developing industry of low carbon economy . “Heat pump is energy saving, low carbon and environmental system of cooling our earth “ which is defination of heat pump by the founder of Guangdong Luckingstar New Energy Co.Ltd. It’s learned that air source is new type of non-biological energy after wind nergy source ,nuclear energy and solar energy etc, and it’s important industry of creating energy saving society now has gained attention and high recognition from state and government.  

As one member of air source heat pump industry,  Guangdong Luckingstar New Energy Co.Ltd. is dedicating to the improvement and development of air source heat pump inddustry. Follow the industry targeting of government,  attached great importance to new product and new technology development , promoting heat pump application in many industries , to make full use of air source heat pump to creat greatest green value . This the charm of air source heat pump, Luckingstar is doing it’s best .

The self-cultivation is the base of charm. While Luckingstar investing full energy and enthusiasm in heat pump, it strengthen it’s self-cultivation at the same time.

Adhering to the  concept of "technology is the root, the quality is the base"  , gradually increased the production scale and become a real heat pump professional brand. Luckingstar continue introducing advanced heat pump technology from Japan,USA and Austraila etc ,employing first class R&D personnel ,form a strong R&D team with more than 10 staffs ,moreover, Luckingstar spend  lot of money to build high standard lab. Including enthalpy  difference lab testing heat pump comprehensive performance, pressurzed water tank comprehensive performance testing lab.Thus has incomparable advantages in heat pump industry, and won great acclaim from the clients.

Dedicated to the develepment concept of “technology is the root,quality is the base”,make remarkable achievement in new energy field. Luckingstar successively receivd mandatory certificates such as CCC, CE, ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO18001 and Chinese industrial product manufacture license. Luckingstar is heat pump expert in domestic hot water, heating and drying field. 

Up to now,Luckingstar has more than 30 product series and 500 models developed and produced to meet requirement of customer. Including domestic Split air to water heat pump, Domestic cycle heat pump, Domestic direct heat pump, Domestic integrated heat pump, Commercial cycle heat pump, Commercial direct heat pump, Low temperature EVI heat pump, High temperature heat pump, Multifunctional heat pump, SPA heat pump, Residential Swimming pool heat pump, Commercial Swimming pool heat pump, Water source heat pump, Double-source (air+water) heat pump, Storage water tank with or without coil etc.Moreover, Luckingstar own 37 state patient and dozens of unique technology.



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