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Lucingstar air source heat pump heating make dream come true.

Published :2015-07-07 By: Luckingstar

According to the human being's 'hierarchy of needs by Maslow, winter heating is human basic need same as air ,water. Modern medical research shows ,if body temperature is lower than room temerature bottom line, the possibility of respiratory and cardiovascular chronic disease increased,especially for the elder and childrens. From the view of extend the human lifetime ,heating is project related to people’s livelihood. If only according to technology, heating is need or not shouldn’t distinguish according to “nothern “ southern “ or climate , but refer to room inside temperature change and physical request temperature to decide install heating systems or not or power on /off the heating system. 

With economic development and living standard increasing ,the heating question not only for southern areas but also for northern areas aroused widespread attention from all walks of life,air source heat pump heating absolutly the best choice. 
No need to say more about heat pump advantage, it is new type new energy system ,meet the trend of deleloping new energy technology in China compared with traditional oil,coal, gas etc .At the same time ,air source heat pump is energy saving and environment protection system, not only protect environment but also deduct pollution. Additionally, air source heat pump heating not only in accordance with policies of multi heating terms, but also solve the problme in heating reform- not subject to any other requirement. At present ,there are already many applications of heat pump heating,such as Luckingstar installed around hundreds of air source heat pump for heating in Beijing suburb sample villages,therefore became the model brand in Beijing new type of new sources heating projects.
Lucingstar air source heat pump heating make dream come true.


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