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2015 Luckingstar sales elites held outdoor extension activities

Published :2015-06-29 By: Luckingstar

On June 27th, to strengthen the cohesiveness and centripetal force,and make a super sales team,Luckingstar arranged all the sales staffs to hold outdoor training in Dongguan Yinping mountain forest park . It’s learned that the total planning square area of the whole park is 123.5km2. It is the biggest forest park in Dongguan city, the peak elevation is 898m, is the first peak in Dongguan city. The sales elites successfully reaching the top of the mountain solidarily and constantly no matter of hot climate.  

Outdoor expension training can not only improve the body function but also temper the perseverance . promotes staff to the collective the sense of participation and the sense of responsibility. Mr.Xie Yan ,the marketing director , said that outdoor training is a procedure requesting team work ,demand every participator to integrate himself into the team ,to reflect the mental outlook ,stengthen team force,can establish in an unassailable position in the fierce market competition .


Before leaving,we are also in high spirits

At the foot of the mountain, we have no pressure.

Green maintain ,blue sky. 

The friends on the top of mountain, How are you ?

Dongguan first peak is underfeet. 

Awesome photos like this.

The frist guy on the top , you are commendable. 

When shall I reach the top and hold . All mountains in a single glance?

Our flag never fall.

Unique view here

Waving the flag

We are on the top, full of bright smell.

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