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Luckingstar super low temperature heat pump maybe the elaborate works.

Published :2015-08-15 By: Luckingstar

Luckingstar super low temperature heat pump adopt EVI compressor and high efficiency refrigerant R410a, the COP is 50%-80% higher than normal heat pump work at -25c ambient temperature. Low temperature heat pump heating capacity decreased very little when ambient temperature  sharply decreased , to make sure of good heating effect. The energy saving effect is obvious when used for room heating and domestic hot water in colod area , the cost is around 1/3 of other heating system . So it’s the primary choice for home, Residential,inn, hotel, villa etc heating,cooling and domestic hot water need.


As all known, normal heat pump cann’t adapted well to the ambient , therefore it’s usage restricted  in cold area , in severe cold area, the most problem is heat pump frosting,small frosting only derease the cop but heavy frosting will make heat pump stop working completely. Frosting have vary bad effection on air soure heat pump such as blocking the fin gap, increase air flow resistance. Heat exchanging capacity lowered . During defrosting, heat pump not only cann’t heat but also consume heat inside heat pump, the cooling water duing defrosting go into water tank, further lower the hot water temp. The evaporating temp. decreased, and cop decreased accordingly, heat pump performance get worse ,even cann’t work Therefore , the defrosting technology is the key factor of breaking the usage limit.. 

 To solve this problme,Luckingstar developed an advanced controlling system, which can forcast the frosting of heat pump and start intelligent dual defrosting system ahead of time to ensure heat pump work with higher effciency . Luckinstar low temperature heat pump is classical series, one cycle increase hot water temp. 3-5℃, then cycle repeatly ,until hot water temperature reached 55℃,

 Luckingstar super low temperature heat pump maybe the precisest product  in heat pump industry, it was eqipped with brand electric expansion valve, which can adjust refrigerant volume and pressure more exactly, contribute to refrigerant sufficiently absorb heat from air, greatly increased cop,with tube in tube heat exchanger has higher heat exchange efficiency , not easy scaled . All the key parts inside heat pump are from list companies, stable, durable and qualified.  .

Moreover, Luckingstar heat pump has complete protection function, such as high pressure protection, current overload protection,exhausting temperature too high protection, phase sequence protction,water shortage protecion, anti-frosting protection, crankshaft heating protection etc. What’s more, this series heat pump has project matching function such as water level indication, regular water replenishment , constant temperature water replenishment,regular power on/power off the unit, manual power on/power off etc, pefect function make Luckingstar heat pump stand out from the nothern market. 

The concept of "technology is the root, the quality is the base" guarantee Luckingstar heat pump maybe the elaborate works.



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