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Time will provide valued product—Luckingstar domestic all in one heat pump.

Published :2015-08-15 By: Luckingstar

Air source heat pump has developed more than 10years in China, the advantage of “energy saving, eco friendly,low efficiency and lower carbon etc “ make air soruce heat pump more popular, provide a various ,energy saving choice to water heater market.  Luckingstar to be one of the first companies into heat pump market, has years of experience ,own 37 state patent and dozens of proprietary technology ,developed great potential market.

Luckingstar as for the advanced brand of Guangdong Luckingstar New Energy Co.Ltd,is keeping on technology innovation, such as super energy saving,EVI low temperature,intellect dual defrosting, has more than 30series and 500models for choice . With upgrating technology, Luckingstar succeedly promote square, round domestic all in one heat pump which received good comments from clients.


Luckingstar all in one heat pump has advanced design, well match with modern decration sytel in color design. Simple, fashion color mixed  with home appliance fashion trend .Complete protection desgin,all in one design make full use of space, convenient installation ,stable proformance, super efficiency make it become the best choice .

 1 kw.h electricity can meet the hot water request of the whole family is the concept of Luckingstar’s all in one heat pump . It use super energy saving technology which can choose proper working mode according to different ambient temp. and user’s demand, this unique technology can save 12% extra enegy than normal air source heat pump. If hot water volume need is 200liters per day, water temp. increased from 20c to 55c, the electrictiy energy consumed by electric heater can provide 5 years energy for Luckingstar air source heat pump . Time will prove the value . 

 First class parts make best products, Luckingstar air source heat pump selected every parts elaborately, such as compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, etc., control the quality from the beginning. American Copeland compressor , Japanese saginomya electric expension valve, ,4-way valve , water regulating valve , tube in tube heat exchanger, from every detail , client can feel the high value .



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