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Luckingstar heat pump monobloc dryer refuse to be the usual .

Published :2015-08-15 By: Luckingstar

With the increasingly serious environmental problems globally, the traditional "mass production, mass consumption and mass waste" modes of production have gradually been abandoned, clean energy gradually come into the view of the Government. Heat pump as one of the leaders in clean energy, with the advantage of "Energy saving and eco friendly,safe and intelligent widly usage,"it gradually integrated into modern production and modern life,moreover  maintaining high growth speed.

As we all know, high energy consumption, high pollution is the fatal flaw of traditional drying industry.As the international energy crisis continued to be serious, environmental issues have become increasingly severe.Therefore, the simple and extensive economic development mode relying on cheap labor , high energy consumption and heavy pollution is unsustainable, drying equipment needs to be upgraded urgently, technology upgrade is inevitable. Thus, heat pump dryer is preferred because it has the significant advantage of higher efficiency,low carbon and environmental protection .





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