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Hush,a secret, Luckingstar swimming pool heat pump.

Published :2015-08-19 By: Luckingstar

Luckingstar swimming pool heat pump is of leading technology, it adopt unique constant temperature and high efficiency heat exchanger,absorb low potential heat source and heat the pool water or keep the pool water temperature contstant , Breaked the limit of heating on rely on nonrenewable source, increased safty and flexibilty of swimming pool heating ,pool water temp.keeping. Widly used for villia (family) swimming pool, SPA, foot massage, etc.



Luckingstar swimming pool heat pump installation diagram

Characteristic : Driving compressor with only electricity energy to make hot water by obsorbing heat from air . Use copper-nickel heat exchanger with strong anti-corrosion ,prevent the corrsion from various ionic inside water. With longer lifetime. Complete unit sizes for choice. Direct heating of hot water up to 55℃,and with full protection function, avoid electricity leakage, dry combustion ,super high temp. etc . Keep water constant automatically, water and electricity seperated totally, safe and comfortable choice,.

The palce can be used: Luckingstar swimming pool heat pump can work 24hrs/day all year around, without effection of environment ,can be used for inn, hotel,villa,flat,hair salon , sanatorium,school,fitness,army etc where need hot water for bathing ,pool heating ,sauna etc.



Hush, it’s a secret. 



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