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Thu 70-01

The 16th Shi jia zhuang Heating and Cooling Fair

The 16th Shi jia zhuang Heating and Cooling Fair was held from 19 to 21 Apr., 2018 in Shijiazhuang international exhibition centor. You are welcome to visit our booth. Our Booth No. is T10.

Thu 70-01

The 13th Jinan Solar and Heating Fair

The 13th Jinan Solar and Heating Fair was held from 2 to 4 Apr., 2018 in Jinan international exhibition centor. You are welcome to visit our booth. Our Booth No. is DT14.

Thu 70-01

2018 The 7th Shanghai Heating and Cooling fair

The The 7th Shanghai Heating and Cooling fair is holding from Mar. 15 to 17, 2018 in Shanghai. We took the latest Inverter heat pump,Dry heat pump, swimming pool heat pump and floor heating and cooling heat pump to attend the exhibition. Our booth No. is

Thu 70-01

Luckingstar dealer aftermarket training session perfect ending

May 22th,the three-day Luckingstar dealer aftermarket training session be successfully completed.This three-day system training, including to observe the class, theory, operation classes, exercise classes and examination courses, covering domestic, comme

Popularize knowledge of fire prevention, improve emergency ability

To further enhance awareness of fire and improve the station fire emergency disposal capacity, a real fire drill was held in Lucking Star on the afternoon of November 27, 2015.

2015-11-28 More

Lucking Star drying heat pump was selected as 2015 Hainan areca drying equipment promotion product catalog

Recently, Department of Agriculture of Hainan Province released "2015 green betel nut drying equipment promotion products directory and manufacturers list", Lucking Star split high temperature dryer (Areca) heat pump LAD - 100 successful selected, and b

2015-11-26 More

Lucking Star green drying business road

Lucking Heat pump drying application is very large including chemical industry, medicine, food, paper, wood, building material etc.
Drying is the essential process of manufacture for many industry and agriculture process. Along with the enhancement of e

2015-11-21 More

Transformation and upgrading of traditional and emerging channels together

Air energy industry has developed for more than a decade in the domestic market. In the background of Internet increasingly impact,the economic slowdown, the air energy companies seem to have stood at the crossroads of the transformation and upgrading. In

2015-11-17 More

Lucking Star survival rule

Twenty-first Century, human live in social networks.There is no any communication barriers with any people in the world. In twenty-first Century, the market competition one after another, it has evolved into the global competition. In twenty-first Century

2015-10-26 More

steady like father, gentle like mother

To better life more and more young left their homeland. Now many young felt lonely when he live in city by himself. They are becoming more and more tired and fretted.
But please do not think so much, have a comfortable shower then have a rest and all w

2015-10-20 More

Lucking Star insists on innovations

An enterprise can survive in the market for a long time, and its innovative ability is closely related. Throughout the successful enterprises at home and abroad, they continuous technology innovation to create a unique product. If there is no innovation,

2015-10-12 More

Floor heting new star of northern China - Lucking Star

By 2015, Premier Li Keqiang explicitly put forward the "iron fisted rule haze" plan, to eliminate 50000 small coal-burning boiler in the key pollution areas of northern China.Encouraging the use of heat pump heating which is the new heating equipment. A

2015-10-05 More
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