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Thu 70-01

The 16th Shi jia zhuang Heating and Cooling Fair

The 16th Shi jia zhuang Heating and Cooling Fair was held from 19 to 21 Apr., 2018 in Shijiazhuang international exhibition centor. You are welcome to visit our booth. Our Booth No. is T10.

Thu 70-01

The 13th Jinan Solar and Heating Fair

The 13th Jinan Solar and Heating Fair was held from 2 to 4 Apr., 2018 in Jinan international exhibition centor. You are welcome to visit our booth. Our Booth No. is DT14.

Thu 70-01

2018 The 7th Shanghai Heating and Cooling fair

The The 7th Shanghai Heating and Cooling fair is holding from Mar. 15 to 17, 2018 in Shanghai. We took the latest Inverter heat pump,Dry heat pump, swimming pool heat pump and floor heating and cooling heat pump to attend the exhibition. Our booth No. is

Thu 70-01

Luckingstar dealer aftermarket training session perfect ending

May 22th,the three-day Luckingstar dealer aftermarket training session be successfully completed.This three-day system training, including to observe the class, theory, operation classes, exercise classes and examination courses, covering domestic, comme

The correct open way for Luckingstar air source heat pump

How quickly understand a business? Open official website, click on "About Us" column, a business development process unreservedly show in front of you. Writing "About Us", it is in fact carding business, so that people understand:what we are doing, we

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Luckingstar expedition air heating market

In recent years, due to climatic conditions continue to change, so that the South cold winter heating from the strange to the familiar. Plus the improvement of living standards so that people's consumption concept along ahead of South heating market deve

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Luckingstar homeopathy for "Beijing Blue"

For a long time been plagued haze hardest hit, the blue sky is so valuable. As we all know, in the haze of harmful particles derived predominantly excreted by the combustion of coal and oil, and for coal, oil and traditional energy sources as the main hea

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Luckingstar floor heating heat pump,open up a new opportunity for the northern market applications

Heat pump as an energy-saving technology has been widespread attention around the world, and the air heat pump can draw on a wealth of low-grade energy from the ambient atmosphere, easy to use, lower installation costs. Air source heat pump with its speci

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Luckingstar air source can better serve the Chinese market

As a company specializing in renewable energy development and utilization of high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Luckingstar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (Brand: Luckingstar) adhere to the air source industry for nearly 10 years, always adhere to high-qual

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Luckingstar Energy Cube ,one-stop solution of hot water 、heating and cooling

It is understood that Luckingstar in 2011 has already begun in Hebei, Shanxi and Shaanxi and other regions to expand the experiment cold winter and commissioning the floor heating heat pump . By 2 years of technical improvements and precipitation, Lucking

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Only off-season market, there is no off-season products

Into the hot summer air to water heater sales also seem to welcome the "off-season." Short off-season, the relative reduction in its market demand, "cake" narrow; enterprises should improve the overall sales through effective means. The size of the to

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Energy-saving water heaters, Luckingstar air source more understand you

Energy-saving and environmental protection, is the eternal theme of humanity. Nowadays, the energy crisis and environmental pollution has become a major threat to the survival of mankind, how to solve this problem, it has become a problem of all mankind.

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