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Lucking Star Wealth Summit - Your Wealth Dream Come Ture

Published :2016-03-04 By: Luckingstar

Thanks to the hard work of all dealers in advance, Your are pioneering and enterprising, and devote full of enthusiasm into our common enterprise, with your wisdom and action to make a great contribution for the development of LuckingStar.



In order to express our gratitude, we will hold "2016 Lucking Star air to water heat pump wealth summit and new brand strategy conference" in March 21-23 in Dongguan Nanhua International Hotel. The theme of the summit is "LuckingStar Dream, New Departure.

Meanwhile President Mr. Luo and GM Mr. Xie etc. Will share the wealth conference with all dealers from the whole China. We sincerely invite you to present the conference. We prepared rich and colorful programs. Another the luxury Mercedes Bens are waiting for you!


We focus on the long terms development and keep mutual benefit cooperation relations with every dealer. Hope that ever dealer can creat more wealth and achieve maximum success. 


In 2016, The network construction, market development, channel optimization and other aspects will be further strengthened and improved; we will better integrate resources, attract talent, enhance the affection.


The comprehensive competition of Lucking Star brand will be further enhanced in another year, which will create a broader business space for all dealers. Lucking Star, a new departure, a new year, a new journey! We firmly believe that the company's development will usher in his fly again!






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