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Left 10 days for Lucking Star wealth Summit

Published :2016-03-11 By: Luckingstar
Dear ALL Dealers, 

Good day!

After decades of development, the heat pump industry has entered the golden stage of development, the cake is becoming bigger and bigger.

To share more development opportunity and profit,we will hold "2016 Lucking Star air to water heat pump wealth summit and new brand strategy conference" in March 21-23 in Dongguan Nanhua International Hotel. Now it is left 10 days. We will show new products and technology and new policy. Another there are splendid experience sharing from our best dealers to guide your wealth road. 


In 2016, The network construction, market development, channel optimization and other aspects will be further strengthened and improved; we will better integrate resources, attract talent, enhance the effect.

At present, we have made huge benefits and assistance policies, through preferential rebate, incentives and other policies, giving you maximum benefits, to win at the starting line.




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