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Luckingstar succeed into Shenzhen Municipal Government procurement suppliers directory

Published :2015-08-21 By: Luckingstar


Recently, good news again ,Guangdong Luckingstar new energy technology Ltd successfully registered in Shenzhen Municipal Government procurement suppliers directory, become one Government procurement priority.

It is understood that the finalist directory businesses in government procurement, is the result of strictly selection which was refer to the ability of research and development, product performance, service quality and so on .Luckingstar success entry is a great inspiration to Luckingstar brand on the one hand, and certainly, another positive meaning is cotribution to the promotion  of Shenzhen energy saving development .

As representative of the new energy enterprises, Luckingstar always participate in  green and energy-saving projects advocated by national Government with outstanding perpormance .After entry ,Luckingstar is determined to provide energy saving,eco friendly air source heat pump for each procurement project,  contribute to the development of Shenzhen city’s energy saving and emission reduction.

 From 21st century, air source heat pump appeared in Chinese market, after more than 10 years of development, it has been widly applied in production,life and etc energy saving field because of advantages of high efficiency, energy  saving,green, low-carbon, safety and comfort etc. Focused on professional air heat pump for around 10 years ,Luckingstar has been adhering to the  concept of "technology is the root, the quality is the base"  , gradually increased the production scale and become a real heat pump professional brand.

 Luckingstar is a garden-like factory covering 25,000, in which there is 20,000for the manufacturing place. including 13,000 workshop for heat pump and 7,000 for storage water tank. We have own national standard laboratory and advanced automatic manufacturing equipment more than 200 sets. We have six manufacturing lines of heat pump and two lines of pressured and insulated tank. We have capability of commercial heat pump 40,000 sets, domestic heat pump 100,000 sets and storage tank 120,000 sets per year.

Luckingstar continue introducing advanced heat pump technology from Japan,USA and Austraila etc ,employing first class R&D personnel ,form a strong R&D team with more than 10 staffs ,moreover, Luckingstar spend  lot of money to build high standard lab. Including enthalpy  difference lab testing heat pump comprehensive performance, pressurzed water tank comprehensive performance testing lab.Thus has incomparable advantages in heat pump industry, and won great acclaim from the clients.Because of the outstanding research ,Luckingstar was given the title of : Dongguan enterprises creation industrilized demonstration base and national high-tech technology enterprise.

 Up to now,Luckingstar has more than 30 product series and 500 models developed and produced to meet requirement of customer. Including domestic Split air to water heat pump, Domestic cycle heat pump, Domestic direct heat pump, Domestic integrated heat pump, Commercial cycle heat pump, Commercial direct heat pump, Low temperature EVI heat pump, High temperature heat pump, Multifunctional heat pump, SPA heat pump, Residential Swimming pool heat pump, Commercial Swimming pool heat pump, Water source heat pump, Double-source (air+water) heat pump, Storage water tank with or without coil etc.Moreover, Luckingstar own 37 state patient and dozens of unique technology.

Mr.Xie Yan, Luckingstar’s sales director, said”  in the near future,we will positively paticipate in different governmental purchase projects,keep increasing R&D ,product quality,improving after-services system, to serve governmental procurement projects, and play an important role in air source hot water , air source heating projects”.  

Luckingstar is an excellent stage of all our distributors & agents, good partner of ours. We also are OEM and ODM Base of World famous heat pump brands. Guided by the market demand, being response for creating high value to the customers, and cooperating with friends sharing common interest around the world, we adhere to our corporate purpose of technology-oriented,quality-oriented and are dedicated to low-carbon and environment friendly life。



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