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Thu 70-01

The 16th Shi jia zhuang Heating and Cooling Fair

The 16th Shi jia zhuang Heating and Cooling Fair was held from 19 to 21 Apr., 2018 in Shijiazhuang international exhibition centor. You are welcome to visit our booth. Our Booth No. is T10.

Thu 70-01

The 13th Jinan Solar and Heating Fair

The 13th Jinan Solar and Heating Fair was held from 2 to 4 Apr., 2018 in Jinan international exhibition centor. You are welcome to visit our booth. Our Booth No. is DT14.

Thu 70-01

2018 The 7th Shanghai Heating and Cooling fair

The The 7th Shanghai Heating and Cooling fair is holding from Mar. 15 to 17, 2018 in Shanghai. We took the latest Inverter heat pump,Dry heat pump, swimming pool heat pump and floor heating and cooling heat pump to attend the exhibition. Our booth No. is

Thu 70-01

Luckingstar dealer aftermarket training session perfect ending

May 22th,the three-day Luckingstar dealer aftermarket training session be successfully completed.This three-day system training, including to observe the class, theory, operation classes, exercise classes and examination courses, covering domestic, comme

Large group of fresh meat coming.

Large group of fresh meat are coming.
Hot July still cann’t prevent the enthusiasm of the fresh meat.
A group of 90’s fresh meat are occupied Luckingstar .
Young face,jerky look, active body……
They are in every corner of Luckingstar.

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Lucingstar air source heat pump heating make dream come true.

According to the human being's 'hierarchy of needs by Maslow, winter heating is human basic need same as air ,water. Modern medical research shows ,if body temperature is lower than room temerature bottom line, the possibility of respiratory and cardiov

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The self-cultivationof a heat pump practitioner full of passion

Energy saving,low carbon, environmental is everlasting theme of modern development. China as the most potential economy is facing the serious challenge of energy crisis because of the vast energy consumption in the past decades. To save energy and release

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2015 Luckingstar sales elites held outdoor extension activities

On June 27th, to strengthen the cohesiveness and centripetal force,and make a super sales team,Luckingstar arranged all the sales staffs to hold outdoor training in Dongguan Yinping mountain forest park . It’s learned that the total planning square area o

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Beijing “reduce even abandon coal,clear the air”plan in action, Luckingstar take part in .

In recent decades, Beijing city continuously take measures to treat air pollution. The main pollutant concentration is decreasing year by year,but the pollutant discharge volume is still exceed the environmental capacity. There is still big difference bet

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Training heat pump personnel, Luckingstar welcome 2015 college students.

The final competition of enterprises is the talent competition. “Well planted trees attract birds natually” . In talents training mode, Luckingstar adopt “ campus recruitment + internal cultivating”,every year, Luckingstar employ some excellent college gr

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The Dragon Boat Festival feature:Lichi orchard party, happy picking off.

The peach blossom in March, the catkins float in Apr. and Lichi red in May. Annual Lichi harvest is coming, on June 20th,2015, Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival, Luckingstar organized all the staffs to pick off Lichi. In the morning ,all Luckingsta

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Luckingstar air source heat pump open "super energy-saving mode"

When energy conservation, low-carbon green lifestyle a popular consensus, when the "comfort", "energy" has become synonymous with the air to water heaters, mankind yearns vision of comfortable home life and a new level. Developed from gas water heater

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