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Top configuration Luckingstar air source heat pump to create first-class quality

Published :2015-06-02 By: Luckingstar

顶尖配置 普瑞思顿空气能打造一流品质

Luckingstar air heat pump are all carefully selected from a plurality of parts of the compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valves, etc., from the source control of product quality, the use of top configuration, build first-class quality.

US Copeland compressors
Long life (at least 10 years) and difficult to abrade
Over current protection
Open-phase protection
Over temperature protection
Resisting the liquid hammer strongly and run normally under bad conditions.
High voltage&low voltage protection
Expansion Valve Made In Japan
Adopting SAGINOMIYA electronic expansion valve.
Making sure the best velocity of flow.It can increase the COP.
It has a function of regulation from 0 to 500 rank that make the system run in a stable state and reduce troubles.
High Efficient Condenser(Heat Exchanger)
High quality coils:copper tube coils constructed of inner groove technology.
Trible the process of heating exchange and double the area of heating exchange.
Reducing scale as possible as it can and extending the life of heat pump.
SAGINOMIYA or Danfoss Constant Temperature Valve
SAGINOMIYA or Danfoss constant temperature valve can supply enough hot water in summer or winter,and makes the machine safer and more efficient.
Four-way Control Value
The four-way control valve is produced with SAGINOMIYA technology and is very efficient in low ambient temperature.


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