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Air source heating new era,Luckingstar northern markets advance

Published :2015-06-03 By: Luckingstar

As we all know, the traditional northern heating methods, such as coal-fired boiler heating will produce large amounts of dust particles, harmful gases and other air pollutants, is considered to be an important factor in inducing North haze. Iron-fisted rule under the national policy haze, looking for new clean energy to achieve heating imperative. In the northern cities vigorously implement the "coal to electricity" transformation of heating time, taking advantage of the heat pump business for the North launched an air source heat pump heating products turned northward pace, to the first to seize the huge prospects northern heating market. We can say that our air to the industry in 2015 officially ushered in a new era of heating.

空气能采暖新时代 普瑞思顿挺进北方市场

In fact, back in 2011, Luckingstar  has begun to focus air heating market ,in Hebei, Shanxi and Shanxi and other regions with severe winters to expand the experiment and commissioning work of the floor heating heat pump. After two years of technical improvements, Luckingstar floor heating heat pump at -25 ℃ of ambient temperature stable operation, gain market recognition. At the end of 2013, Luckingstar for the Beijing suburb of heat pump heating pilot village installed hundreds of sets of air source floor heating heat pump, to become Beijing's new energy industry to advance new ways of air heating heat pump demonstration project brand.


In recent years, Luckingstar for further development of the heating market, actively carry out product upgrades and technical reserves, in addition to developing a strong and stable performance of manufacturing products, but also have reliable supporting heating terminal system solution step designed to build confidence in the market northern heating air heat pump, to accelerate the rate of adoption of air heating in the north. Clean, low carbon, environmentally friendly heating new era, Luckingstar walk in the road to make snap.



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