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Luckingstar homeopathy for "Beijing Blue"

Published :2015-06-16 By: Luckingstar

For a long time been plagued haze hardest hit, the blue sky is so valuable. As we all know, in the haze of harmful particles derived predominantly excreted by the combustion of coal and oil, and for coal, oil and traditional energy sources as the main heating fuel for the northern areas, clean heating transformation is imperative.

空气能助力“北京蓝” 普瑞思顿顺势而为

Figure:  "Beijing Blue"

Currently, reduce pollution, protect the environment has become the consensus of the international community. Air heat pump products have strong advantages, not only save energy consumption, but also effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, avoid the generation of air pollution during use, it is worthy of the energy saving equipment. In addition, since the air inexhaustible, so the air can break through the limitations of solar, wind and other clean energy, geographical and climatic factors, the use of a wider range.

Winter heating is the living needs of northern residents, along with the "coal to electricity" are growing, with people increasingly seek energy saving, safe and comfortable lifestyle, build leading-edge air heating equipment in a public heating equipment It emerged as the heating market, "Beloved." Air heating in the air is absorbed by the low-grade heat, it does not produce any harmful objects, truly zero pollution. As one of the first to focus on northern heating market brand, Luckingstar air heating is by virtue of ultra-low temperature, high-profile, zero emissions, and other products much advantage northern heating market's favor.

空气能助力“北京蓝” 普瑞思顿顺势而为

Figure: Luckingstar floor heating heat pump is the north market "darling"

Currently, the state-level attention to air heat pump products for all to see, from energy subsidies once to the nearest energy efficiency standards, the most stringent boiler combustion emission standards in the history of the most stringent environmental laws and so on, these policy measures in promoting the development of air industry no doubt further encourage and promote the development of air industry, and to meet the heating air to the sound development of the situation is obvious. In this context, Luckingstar has by virtue of leading technology, stable products and professional services, access to the northern heating market recognition. Luckingstar air show further in the heating market's outstanding performance, follow the laws of the market flow, the road to success a matter of course.

Luckingstar technology expert popular science: air heat pump heating is in operation, the evaporator absorbs heat from the ambient air to heat the working fluid evaporation heat, after refrigerant vapor compressed by the compressor pressure and temperature rise, high-temperature steam in the permanent bond special annular tube condenser storage tank outer surface condensed into a liquid, the heat released is transmitted to the air source heat pump water storage tank water. The condensed refrigerant heat returned to the evaporator through the expansion valve, and then evaporated, and so on ad infinitum.



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