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The Dragon Boat Festival feature:Lichi orchard party, happy picking off.

Published :2015-06-22 By: Luckingstar

The peach blossom in March, the catkins float in Apr. and Lichi red in May. Annual Lichi harvest is coming, on June 20th,2015, Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival, Luckingstar organized all the staffs to pick off Lichi. In the morning ,all Luckingstar staffs runned for the top of the wild mountain,stepped into deep orchard ,enjoyed the happiness of picking off, taste the sweet of Lichi.

Happiness is always the tenet of Luckingstar. To enrich the leasure culture life of all staffs, Luckingstar organized different type of team activities to release body and heart after hard working. Then the staffs can work with enthusiasm and positive attitude,meet the challenge together with company.

Let’s enjoy the happiness of all Luckingstar staffs in the hot June,  



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