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The synthesizer of domestic hot water,heating and drying,Lucking leading air source heat pump trend.

Published :2015-07-20 By: Luckingstar

From 21st century ,effected by environment pollution, resource shortage , the concept of energy saving and emission reduction ,green environment is gradually accepted by people. Government also formulate many related policies,call for all enterprises and public institutesnot only value the concept of energy saving,environment protection but also practice.Now days, people all understand that gradual use of high efficiency enrgy saving resources can not only solve resources supply problem but also can protect ecosystem.Thus air source heat pump is best solution. 

Air source heat pump is a new technology ,it can absorb heat energy from the air and release cold into air,so there is positive meaning of slowing down the global warming.At present ,air soruce heat pump has been widly used for domestic hot water,heating and drying.As leading heat pump brand, Luckingstar Adhering to the  concept of "technology is the root, the quality is the base" ,aimed to provide heat pump to one single family from the beginning ,gradually to the whole China and even whole world market. Together with technologies from abroad ,Luckingstar launched completed series ,models of air srouce heat pump,now is already the expert in domestic hot water, heating and drying field. .

Depened on advanced technology,perfect quality and professional service, Luckingstar applied air source heat pump to large domestic hot water, heating and drying projects, is worthy of the name of synthesizer. Such as schools, factories, hospitals, hotels etc hot water need , heating in northern area,industrial and agricutual products drying etc. Luckingstar air source heat pump proformed excellently in energy saving, provided best energy saving solution for these fields. Air source heat pump application is the trend.    
Luckingstar strong R&D and proudction capacity has been affirmed ,it has ten years of experience, is the first enterprise of super low temperature heat pump mass production, the super low temperature heat pump is jontly developed by the key military enterprises of the Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics has won many awards nationally. After years, Luckingstar has made great achievement ,super high temp.heat pump come out quietly,the world unique super energy saving technology ,creative application in heating and drying , all these indicated that Luckingstar has moved forward in the forefront of heat pump technology. 
Early application of air source heat pump is in domestic hot water field, the project installation is experienced,most of the colleges has abandoned hot water supply by coal burning or electricity ,and replaced with air source heat pump. In recent years,air source heat pump has provided heating in a large scale .Many air source heat pump brands showed in northern area for heating , established sample projects and worked .Such as Luckingstar installed around hundreds of air source heat pump for heating in Beijing suburb sample villages,therefore became the model brand in Beijing new type of new sources heating projects 
At the same time,air source heat pump proformed excellently in industrial and agricutual drying fields. For a long time, industrial and agricutural drying generally depened on sunlight, so it’s very difficult in cloudy ,rainning days or mass drying    . If use wood or coal, insufficient burning will release vast residue pollution, pollute the environment seriously .The advantages of Luckingstar heat pump , fast drying, zero release, energy saving and environment protection , totally overcomed the weakness of traditional drying procedure. It was learned that ,Luckingstar drying heat pump has successfully used for tobacco,penang ,paper products etc fields.
Since the first pieces of air source heat pump  came into the world , air source heat pump industry is growing vigorously supported by the international governments. The application of air source heat pump has covered domestic hot water, heating and  drying fields, as the synthesizer of domestic hot water,heating and drying,Lucking leading air source heat pump trend.


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