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Luckingstar won the honor of 2015 Top ten heat pump brand, it is deserved .

Published :2015-08-07 By: Luckingstar

 荣膺热泵行业十大杰出品牌 普瑞思顿实至名归

Agu.6th,2016, the high profile 2015 Chinese heat pump industry association annual conference that is the fourth Asia air source heat pump forum held in Nanjing International conference hotel . The climax of of this meeting is “China Energy Conservation Association heat pump branch 2015 heat pump industry prize ceremony “, “Luckingstar “ heat pump advanced brand owened by Guangdong Luckingstar New Energy Co.Ltd. won the prize of “2015 top ten heat pump brand “, Luckingstar derved the prize.   

Chinese heat pump industry need set good samples to standard the industry development, stimulate enterprise to innovate independently , to push forward the whole industry growth with more bigger scale. It’s understood that on the prize ceremony , presented many awards such as top ten leading brands, top ten outstanding brands, top ten growing brand,top ten accessories enterprises ,tenology innovation prize,top ten agents, to recognize and encourage the well proformed enterprises in the passed two years. 158 enterprises applying for prize and 68 enterprises was nominated ,Luckingstar receivd the award of 2015 top ten heat pump brand depened on the strong R&D strength and pefect quality , and stand out in heat pump water heater,heat pump heating, and heat pump drying field. 
From the establishment of Luckingstar brand, Luckingstar adhering the development concept of “technology is root, quality is the base “,thus always leading in product quality and core technology.Luckingstar’s unique super energy-saving controlling technology can save energy up to 80%, together with edge cutting producing process , it has become the representative of first class heat pump. After decades of market developing, Luckingstar has build many sample projects in hotels, schools, factories, real estates etc field ,its good quality and excellent energy saving proformance is well accepted . As one of the responsible new energy enterprises, Luckingstar greatly contribute to Chinese energy saving and emission reduction .   
Luckingstar specialized on air source heat pump more than ten years, keep pursuing heat pump technology , commit to be at the forefront of heat pump industry. Luckingstar has become one of the base of Dongguan City innovation industrialization demonstration and national high-tech enterprises. In decades , Luckingstar continually introduce international heat pump technology from Japan ,USA and Australia etc countries. Employ first class R&D talents to build R&D team . Luckingstar spend vast of money to build high standard testing lab including national standard laboratory, including  the enthalpy difference lab testing heat pump comprehensive performance and pressure tank test laboratory which provide an incomparable advantages .  
Unique super energy saving cotnrolling technology in heat pump industry .
it adopt unique super-energy-saving technology in heat pump industry , which can automatically select the best operating mode depending on the ambient temperature and user needs, therefore can decrease energy consumption to the max,so it can save extra 15% energy than other ordinary air source heat pump, heat pump can work more stably and with longer lifetime. 
Super patent technolgy   
Advanced super low temperature technology design, completely solved the problem of frosting,lower efficiency, can work stably ,lower fault rate, with higer efficiency in cloudy weather and winter.
Top class configuration make sure of top class quality . 
Main parts are all from top class manufacturers, can meet the European and USA standard, to make sure of the best quality. 
Mature production process
Jointed with Australia technologies, employ international expert to inspect and improve the production process which can be in line with international norms.


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