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Agu.10th, Luckingstar is waiting for you in Fuzhou Zuijia Xifang Hotel.

Published :2015-08-07 By: Luckingstar


Agu.10th, Luckingstar is waiting for you in Fuzhou Zuijia Xifang Hotel. 

Agu.10th,2015, the investment conference will be launched by Guangdong Luckingstar New Energy Co.Ltd. and another company held in Fuzhou Zuijia Xifang hotel ,dealers and contractors are invited to witness the 2015 new development,new future of Luckingstar air source heat pump.

It is well known that Fujian is the paradise of air source heat pump industry development , the market share is increasing fastly, is a worthy potential stock. In 2015, Luckingstar will occupy Fuzhou market inevitably and move forward togther with all the local dealers.

On this conference, you will receive more surprise .

Know well of Luckingstar brand advantage 

The unique super energy saving technology can save electricity more than 80% ; Advanced super low temperature technology design ; European standard ,top equipment, international standard  production process.

Detailed cooperation policy explanation

“the more deposit and orders ,the more reward”, “new client supporting”, “ big discout of primary  product”, “lower price of popular product”; Promoting material, advertisement fee ,store decoration cost,etc can be provided as possible. 

New product characteristic 

All in one heat pump, inverter heat pump, wall mounted heat pump all of brand new appearance design,simple design is moden and fashion ; Water tank also upgrade,enamelled inner tank, no corrosion, with 5 years warranty; Hot water in cloud time, wifi function, remote controlling on site demonstration. 

On site raffle to win mysterious great prize 

To try you are lucky or not ,mysterious great prize is waiting for you. Fortune with come with your good luck. 



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