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Professional swimming pool heat pump contribute to world champion

Published :2015-08-15 By: Luckingstar

Professional swimming pool contribute to wrold champion,quality swimming pool heat pump serve professional swimming pool.All the social platform such as wechat,weibo etc emerge the young ,handsome face of Ning Zetao. Champion come from professional swimming pool, but what systems can make professional swimming pool work well?


The ideal swimming pool water temperature is 28℃,tranditional boiler ,electric,solar etc heating system is high energy consuming ,serious environment polluting,effected by climate, now is gradually eliminated from the market. However air source heat pummp heating is high efficiency, comfortable thermostatic, low carbon and ecofriendly , the thermostatic and dehumidificating technology is edge cutting ,fashion well accepted by the market.  

The thermostatic and dehumidification swimming pool heat pump is one of the world advanced new technologies. It adopted advanced heat pump technology ,absorb the wet air into heat pump and some of the air discharged outside swimming pool room, some of them dehumitified and sent back into room with the new refresh air . This cycle repeately to achieve the goal of dehumitifying the room wet air. 
More and more people pursue quality life ,large and small swimming pools come into the view ,so the demand of thermostasis and dehumidification grew rapidly .Luckingstar swimming pool heat pump can  keep pool water temerature constant , meet the request of entertainment,exercise .,training etc,.


Luckingstar swimming pool heat pump is advanced new type heating system ,it adopt unique thermostatic technology and high efficiency titanium heat exchanger,absorbing the low potentialheat from the air to heat or keep pool temp. constant .Throughly broke the limit of only rely on non-renewable resources. What’s more, Luckingstar swimming pool heat pump has many significant characteristics such as convenient installation ,lower working and maintaining cost;Monobloc design, can work stablly. Auto memorize after power off,automatic start after power supplied again. No need person on duty. Defrosting function can start automatically at lower ambient temperature.

The outstanding heat pump brand Luckingstar is successful in many industries depending on professional technology and market developing ability, its heat pump widly used for different swimming pools,salons ,schools, factories, hospitals etc. Luckingstar swimming pool heat pump successfully installed in many star hotels, natatoriums,spa etc. 

Being professonal heat pump manufacturer , Luckingstar swimming pool heat pump technology is mature ,it can save more than 300% energy than oil boiler ,has vast energy saving effect . It’s high-end energy saving heating system, is perfect choice of middle, big swimming pool heating and thermostasis projects..




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