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Luckingstar air source heat pump proform well in Chongqing.

Published :2015-08-19 By: Luckingstar

At present is sales Off-season,but in one air source heat pump factory ,tens of units are packed well and will be shipped to Chongqing, this factory is belong to Luckingstar.

Chongqing, known as "the fog city ,"  located in Southwest China and upsream of the Changjiang River, has rich in natural resources,developed tourism,  well protected environ ment , is one  beautiful green homeplace in China.

In recent years, many air heat pump brands gradually presented in south west market,  According to industry reports, in 2014, air srouce  market in Chongqing  grew by 8.7%. As a stronghold into the Southwest market, Chongqing's  market is prosperous but the competition is fierce. As a outstanding brand in the air source heat pump industry, Luckingstar air soure heat pump have good performance in Chongqing .  

As we all know,there are  rich   coal /gas resources in Southwest China and the price is very  low  so  oal /gas are  the main source of energy. But they are not renewable energy, and  emissions cannot be avoided moreover opposite to the State policy of  energy-saving and emission reduction .Along with increased awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, together with the promotion of statel macroeconomic policies , it is great  time of air source heat pump increased fastly in the Southwest place of China.

Although many brand manufacturers have big interest in Southwest market,the sales is not so good due to technical limit. In Southwest place ,it is bitterly cold in winter ,air source heat pump are facing the big challenge in technology.      

Luckingstar low temp. heat pump (EVI series ) broken  through technical barriers, even under low temperature environment it can also have superior stability and heating performance, fully applicable in the Chongqing area.

It is understood that Luckingstar air source heat pump has gained good market reputation in the Chongqing area.

The sales head of Chongqing area said that Luckingstar brand has gradually accepted and the market scale is gradually increased .



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