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Luckingstar’s another success in group-buying event launched in Yangshan.

Published :2015-09-14 By: Luckingstar

August 22nd,2015,Luckingstar air source heat pump showed significently on the home building material love group-buying event launched in Qingyuan Yangshan, together with many first-line household brands ,has seen the buying spree ,break the record of off-season sales ,it was another success since April 18  Luckingstar settled in Yangshan "spring group-buying alliance event of quality building material products “ ,then Luckingstar succeeded to be top one with the sales performance of excceeding the double target. This time Luckingstar provided the complete lineup with best discount to Yangshan consumers , became the biggest winner again .



On the event , the home building industry leading brands jointly presented, attracting thousands of people to participate , and the scene is very hot. Luckingstar not only showed high cost effective air source heat pump, but also equipped professional shopping guide to providing full service, so that consumers can enjoy their buying process. During the event, there were always crowded on Luckingstar’s booth, home series air source heat pump attracted the attention of consumers, who are moved by Luckingstar’s professional and caring staff ,more and more consumeers couldn’t wait to sign buying contract on site.   


Learned from on site,Luckinstar showed in this event as the sole air source heat pump brand,the energy saving characteristics of heat pump caught consumer’s interest. According to Luckingstar’s staff introduction , 1 kWh of electricity to meet the hot water needs of the whole family, is the concect of Luckinstar’s air source heat pump , it adopt unique super-energy-saving technology in heat pump industry , which can automatically select the best operating mode depending on the ambient temperature and user needs, therefore can decrease energy consumption to the max,so it can save extra 12% energy than other ordinary air source heat pump . Based on hot water volume demand is 200L per day, the water temperature increased averagely from 20 ℃ to 55 ℃ , the electricity consumed by electric water heater one year can meet the demand of 5 years electricity consumed by Luckingstar’s air source heat pump.  Energy-efficient, low-carbon environment, comfort and safety, and many other obvious advantage is the reason why  consumers choosed Luckingstar air source heat pump.

For now, one stop group buying event launched by the home building industry is in full swing all over the country. This is one important new sales channel for air source heat pump industry which normally rely on offline sales channels .Mr.Cao ,Luckingstar’s agent in Yangshan ,said by participating in the group buying event can not only increase sales experience but also a rich marketing ability, reached the goal of both sales and brand promoting. It was said that to make sure of good performance , Luckingstar’s headquarters arranged accredited professional marketing team to  support in all aspects,thus contributed to the glorious sales in this event. 



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