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Heat pump product line upgraded comprehensively , Luckingstar layout drying market

Published :2015-09-16 By: Luckingstar

From the development of coal-fired, oil-fired boiler hot water, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, solar water heaters to today's high-tech environment-friendly energy-saving air source heat pump water heaters; from coal-fired, oil-fired boiler heating, drying to air heat pump heating, drying ... ... since the early 21st century ,air source heat pump enter the Chinese market ,after the development of more than ten years, the application range of heat pump products continues to expand, extending from the hot water field, to heating and even drying field . Air source heat pump absorb heat energy from the air thus make itself qualified to replace the traditional energy-consuming products with the the characteristics of green energy-saving, safe and eco-friendly.普瑞思顿布局烘干市场

 Heat pump dryer replace the traditional energy-consuming products

It is well known in the field of drying involving extremely broad, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, wood, food and agricultural processing, building materials and other fields, drying is often a major part of its energy consuming process. There is a big differenceof energy intensity between China and world advanced level in product dring , chinese drying energy consumption percent can up to 12% of the total industrial energy consumption  . Therefore, energy-saving of drying process has a significant impact on reducing energy consumption of te whole industry    With the national energy conservation work promoted vigorously, heat pump technology is gradually familiared by ordiniary people . The heat pump drier absorbs heat directly from the low temperature heat source,and output the high temperature heat via condenser, therefore it utilite the heat efficiently, with these advantage of high efficiency, energy saving, eco-friendly ,safe and stable, heat pump become the best drying solution.  


Luckingstar heat pump drying heat pump has wide range of applications


Heat pump technology is mature in the recent ten years, compared to coal-fired gas and other drying method, heat pump technology has unparalleled advantages. In terms of energy consumption, the energy input of the heat pump requires only for compressor working, a quarter of ordinary heater energy consumption; Interms of adjustable temperature and humidity , under conditions of auxiliary heating device, the adjustable temperature range of  heat pump drying can be -20-100 , relative humidity adjustment range can be 15% -80%, the wide adjustment range of the heat pump drying technology enable it used in the variety  of materials drying and processing; In terms of drying environment , the drying media inside dryer, evaporator, condenser is closed system can be recycled , effectively prevent external air pollution on indoor drying materials. In addition, the heat pump drying is a gentle way of drying, close to natural drying, the evaporation rate of surface moisture and the internal moisture migration to the surface is of similar speed, so you can get good color, high-quality dried products.


Luckingstar drying heat pump work with lower cost,  economical choice.

As the one of first heat pump companies providing heat pump drier, Lucksingstar begin heat pump drier R&D and marketing,making it clear Luckingstar’s determination to occupy the huge domestic dring market . It is understood that   professional Luckingstar produced a series of qulified heat pump driers,  including the monobloc cycle heating heat pump dryer, the monobloc direct heating heat pump dryer, split-type  cycle heating heat pump dryer, split  direct heating heat pump dryer, hig temperature heat pump dryer, monobloc etc;The heat pump dryer can be widely used in the agricultural drying field such as  tobacco, tea, dry goods, Chinese herbal drying etc and industrial drying field such as furniture, paint, fireworks, leather, slaughtering, electroplating, printing etc. Luckingstar’s professional heat pump dryers have complete function, can provide hot water of more than 80 ℃, low operating costs,economical, with the core patents - super energy-saving patent technology,set a new good example in heat pump industry.



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