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Happy work ,happy life of Luckingstar's staff.

Published :2015-12-03 By: Luckingstar

At 19:00pm,onAgu.18th,2015,one happy session was showing in Luckingstar’s headquarter, full of cheering and laughing. All staffs presented and positively paticipate the activity , the real interpretation of of the meaning of   joyful work and happy life.This purpose of this session is to explain the rule of point system implemented from 2015 and praise the staffs has obtained higher points in the second quarter. 

In 2015,Luckinstar began to implement point system, this system appled to personnel, to judge the self-value of one staff ,to reflect and asses one staff’s comprehensive performance, linked the points with benefits package. The staffs with high points can granted better benefits, thus can inspire staff’s initiative and positivity .

The point system can speed up the form of corporate culture and refin the essence of corporate culure, enhance the cutural quality ,create a positive and progressive corporate values and enhance staff’s cohesion.With implementation of point system ,Luckingstar wish to build itself to be the material and spiritual homeland of all staffs.










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