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Cold snap is coming !!! Please do anti freezing protection for heat pump.

Published :2016-01-21 By: Luckingstar


The "siberia cold snap" is approaching China! The dealers and end users of north China need to do anti freezing protection for heat pump to avoid the expansion of water ice, resulting in damage the unit and pipeline. 

Treatment methods are as follows:

A: Pls make sure the following items if the heat pump is working. 

1. Do not turn off the water and power. 

2. Do anti freezing protection for circulation pump. 

B: Pls turn off the water source and discharge all water in the system if the heat pump do not work. 

1. Discharge all water in water tank;  

2. Discharge all water in the system including inlet water and outlet water pipe. 

3. Discharge all water in supply water system. 



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